FARRINDO is manufacturer of Air Filtration Products that can improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in all types of buildings, as well as Air Inlet Systems for Gas Turbines. As follow are our product range below.


Categories Description Sub Categories
Filter Cartidge Replacement Cartridge is Specially design in most air intake filter on gas turbine and general purposed of dust collector systems


* Profile Cartridge

* NAF-30

* NAF Multi Pocket


Clean Room Equipment Equipment and accessories for clean room systems

* Air Shower

* Stcky Mats

* Pass Box


HEPA Filter HEPA (High Efiiciency Particulate Air) Filter Module

* Ceiling Module

* High Capacity

* High Temperature

* Mini Pleat

* Standard Capacity

* V-Bank


Medium Filter Medium Filter Module

* V-Bank

* Mini Pleated

* Deep Pleated


ULPA Filter ULPA Filter  Module

* Mini Pleat

* Standard Capacity


Engineering & Construction Farrindo continues to best serve to its client and community by diversifying and developing specialized engineering  skills at power generation plant and industrial project

* Power Plant Equipment

* Industrial Equipment