Medium Filter Minipleat


Medium filter of mini pleated are available as box type and header type.



Medium filter is not only as a medium charge. It is a very important element for the final air cleanliness, and also works as a preprocessing filter for HEPA/ULPA filter in the precise industrial field.


The thickness of FARRINDO mini pleat Medium filter is largely decreased and really useful for saving space.


AHU of massive office B/D or factory is becoming more compact and medium filter is changing to thin line construction.


Appropriate 75mm thickness of Farrindo mini pleat medium filter has the same quality as the previous 300mm thickness and is used as Pre-processing work for massive factory or to control indoor air quality.


Water proof glass fiber media
Minipleated thin line construction
Efficiency EN779 : F6 , F7 & F8< >(ASHRAE 52.1 dust spot efficiency 60%, 80%, and 90%)
Easy handling with light weight
Recommended final pressure loss 35mmAq