NAF-30 Extended Area



The NAF-30 is categorized as an EU 4/5 rating filter. Average efficiencies may vary 5 points.


Shall be expanded alumunium with an effective open area of not less than 96%.The expanded aluminium grid shall be bonded to the filter media to eliminate the possibility of media oscillation and media pull away. The media support grid shall be formed in such a manner that it affects a radial pleat design. allowing total use of filter media.


Shall be constructed of a rigid, heavy duty, high moisture resistance board diagonal support members bonded to the air entering and air exit side of each pleat. to ensure pleat stability. The inside periphery of the enclosing frame shall be bonded to the filter pack, thus, eliminating the possibility of air bypass.


Shall be Farrindo uniframe factory fabricated of 16-gauge galvanized steel and shall be equipped with gaskets and four spring type positive sealing fasteners. Fasteners shall be capable of being attached or removed without the use of tools,


A wide range of industrial and commercial applications of NAF-30 such as for Air Handling Unit. Filter Bank. Gas Turbine. The NAF-30 filter is also used as a preliminary filler to lengthen the service life of any other secondary filters.


These variences are typical of filters in the medium efficiency category wnen tested in accordance with the ASHRAE 52 - 76 standard/Eurovent 4/5.


The media shall be of high density of 100% PES and flame retardant Fl according to DIN 53 438. The filler media shall have an average efficiency of 30% - 40% on ASHRAE Test Standard 52-76.


It shall have an average resistance of 98% in accordance with that test standard.