NAF Multi Pocket



The NAF-MP Filter is an extended surface, high capacity air filter. It is designed for use in those areas requiring the highest degree of air cleanliness.


The filter consists of a series of individual pockets supported by a rigrid Aluminium header frame. The filter is completely self-supporting, requiring no internal grids or framing. It is ready for installation.



Bag Filters are used in a wide variety of applications including: hospitals, office complexes, industrial facilities, schools and universities, and virtually all areas where cleaner air is critical.


NAF-MP filters will clean the air and assure the accomplishment of the objective whether it is for the purpose of protecting man from infection, insuring the continous operation of line tolerance equipment, providing for the ability of certain manufacturing or technical operations to function, or the improvement or maintenance of morale and efficiency due to environmental conditions.






NAF MP Bag Filter is assembled in a metal support frame. Each pocket is fastened and sealed with a U shape channel to ensure the stiffness of the each individual frame.


The NAF-MP pocket is stitched by using the ultrasonic system. Unlike the conventional type of stitching, the ultrasonic system will have no leakage on the filter media caused by the stitching needle.


The pockets are attached to a rigrid aluminium frames. NAF-MP will endure in a heavy dust loading applications.


A special multi-row stitching process performed on the media produces uniform spacing between each pocket, providing optimum media performance, extending filter life, and insuring full usage of media, consistent dust holding, and low air flow resistance.